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City Market Social House
1145 S. San Pedro
Los Angeles,
CA 90015

Ethereal Collective comes to LA! We are delighted to be hosting our first event in the US and in partnership with our friends at Doge Pound Studios. As ever, we will be focussing on displaying the art of our partners and Ambassadors at the event. We will also have some incredible panellists including Doge Pound creators themselves who will discuss trends and secrets from the NFT industry. We are excited about the venue and meeting as many EC pass holders as possible.

John Lemon

Founder of Doge Pound NFT. Doge Pound shot to fame in 2021 and has cemented its self as one of the blue chip projects within the NFT industry


Julie Pacino

Julie Pacino is a top female photographer in the FT space. Her photography genesis collection, Live Here Now, is the first NFT native IP to inspire a feature film. Sho, ya chosen by TiME, as an artist in the Publication indamoNa was also selected as an NFT artist for the Playboy x Sevens “The Art of Gender and Sexuality.” featured at their Art Basel event. In 2022, Julie’s most recent NFT project, Keepers of the Inn, became the first NFT collection to ever fully finance a feature film and is the largest collection of NFT photography ever sold. Julie is advocating for the involvement of female filmmakers in this exciting and emerging space.



Tony Sellen

Tony Sellen is a self-taught, award-winning photographer. He is passionate about fine art, long exposure images and, based in London, the City is where Tony finds most of his inspiration.

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